Are you struggling to make your mark as a nurse writer?

Do you find yourself spending countless hours trying to navigate the world of writing and publishing?

If so, you're not alone—I've been there too, and I understand the unique challenges you face.

Hey there, nurse writers!

I'm Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB, a nurse-turned-writer, and I'm passionate about helping nurses like you unlock their writing potential. With my expertise in both healthcare and writing, I've created valuable resources tailored specifically to your needs.

 As a fellow nurse who ventured into the writing business, I know firsthand the uphill battle it can be. I spent endless hours trying to figure it all out, juggling my nursing career and my writing aspirations.

But through determination and hard work, I finally discovered the solution that transformed my writing journey.

I realized that the key to success as a nurse writer lies in having the right knowledge and tools. I honed my skills, perfected my writing process, and learned the ins and outs of the healthcare writing industry.

Now, I want to share these valuable insights with you, so you can overcome the obstacles I faced and thrive as a nurse writer.

Introducing the 7 Day Challenge BUNDLE!

In this transformative challenge, you'll learn:

  • Your "why" which will help you succeed and stay motivated.
  • How to fit writing into your (already busy) day.
  • Which type of online writing is best for you.
  • Your pathway to finding writing clients.

7-Day Challenge

Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

The Difference Between Medical and Health Writing Workshop

You'll receive the Ultimate Blog Post Checklist — a comprehensive guide that takes you from research to publishing, ensuring your blog posts are well-structured, engaging, and impactful.

Additionally, you'll gain access to an exclusive workshop I did that clarifies the difference between medical writing and health writing, equipping you with the knowledge to excel in both areas.

By participating in the 7-Day Challenge, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to start your nurse writing career. Plus, you'll gain a clear understanding of the nuances between medical and health writing, allowing you to tackle diverse writing projects confidently.

Considering the value and expertise packed into this 7-Day Challenge, it's truly an unbeatable deal. Instead of investing hours upon hours and potentially wasting money on generic writing courses, you can gain access to specialized knowledge and actionable steps for just $35. This is your opportunity to propel your nurse writing career forward without breaking the bank.

To recap, the 7-Day Challenge BUNDLE offers you the Ultimate Blog Post Checklist, and The Difference Between Medical and Health Writing workshop.

This is your opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills, necessary to excel in the nurse writing field.

Ready to take your nurse writing career to the next level?

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