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What our membership includes:

**Savvy Nurse Writer Membership (VALUE $166)**
Complete with ALL the content to start your business and a community of nurse writers.

**Savvy Nurse Writer Skills Course (VALUE: $100):**
Our comprehensive course designed to develop your writing skills.

**Roadmap with a Workbook (VALUE: $1500)**
A step-by-step roadmap and workbook that will guide you from nurse to freelance writer.

**Resource Library (Value $2000+)**
Access a vault of systems, templates, and walkthroughs every freelancer needs for success.

**App Access as Long as You Are a Member**
Stay connected, updated, and engaged with our community through our exclusive app.

**FREE LIVE Workshops (2-3 Times/Month) (VALUE: $997)**
Attend live workshops that provide expert insights and tips to boost your career.

**BONUS: Monthly Q&A Times & Weekly Critiques to Your Business Work (VALUE: $500)**
Personalized guidance and feedback to help you overcome challenges and grow.

**BONUS: Writing Leads List ($30)**
Access a curated list of writing leads to jumpstart your freelance writing journey.

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Imagine stepping into a world where your nursing background becomes the cornerstone of your writing success. Picture yourself confidently crafting engaging healthcare content, attracting clients, and achieving the financial freedom you deserve. That's what the offer above can do for you.

This is your chance to transform your passion for nursing and writing into a rewarding freelance career. 

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