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“What can I say? You've essentially started my business 🙂 You've been an invaluable resource to me with all of your content (so much FREE quality content and the paid is well worth the price) and have been a great sounding board and mentor as I've gotten started.” - Julie, NP

 “You helped me get started! When I had a contract issue with a client, you helped guide me to be proactive with contracts moving forward. I have written most of my articles for your clients and used your courses to land my own clients! I enjoy working with you and hope to be more involved with the business going forward.”

Blyss, RN

Kasee Wiesen, DNP

"I just wanted to say Thank You!! I’m having my first article published and this will be my first article for my portfolio too. I like my job as an APRN but I’m really hoping over the next 3 months I can build my business to maybe make some changes to my hours in the clinic. I’m learning so much from your course/podcast…specifically with cold pitching and my social media presence."  

Anna G, RN

"I really enjoyed the simple lessons and printables. The content and tips are very relevant and have started me off on the right foot. I am thankful I can refer back to the course if I need a refresher.​"


Ilka, RN

"Janine's course is valuable for healthcare workers who want to start a healthcare writing business. There is so much information, including the tactical steps to get the business/side hustle off the ground. I like that it is self-paced, and that she is encouraging on goal setting. If I did not make a list of next action steps, life is so busy, it would be easy to let things slide. Her podcasts, even older ones, have great pearls of wisdom to help round out the education in the course. Thank you for sharing this information and creating a path to actually do freelance writing for income.​"